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Parrotias LLC

We offer a wide range of high-quality and innovative  personal protective equipment for the construction, industrial, household and medical sectors.

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Our  goal

Focus on the needs and interests of our customers in the current market and, provide products according to their wishes and needs in a short time.As long as it meets your interests, our goal is to grow with you and become your full supporter in the local and foreign market.

Our mission

Being the number one partner choice of successful and internationally recognized businesses in the relevant market,who is always one step ahead, offering high quality products that our customers can fully benefit from.

Difference between Parrotias and others 

Special clothing for safety, production and cleaning purposes, safety equipment, especially gloves, which are indispensable for hand protection, are important factor in the global market. Taking the importance of these products into account, we offer the best and most suitable types for your disposal.We are not satisfied with the security products we offer you, our success is your satisfaction. If you cannot find your desired product among the presented types, inform us about it. Let us produce it just for you!

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Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is not only our success, but also our motivation. As long as you are satisfied with our service and supportive with your feedbacks in direction our work properly will help us to exist. One "click" is enough to share your valuable thoughts with us.

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Maybe a cup of coffee

Or a cup of tea. It is enough for you to have face-to-face discussions with our sales department employees and get acquainted with our products.

You want to order

Here we are. Our staff will contact you shortly to provide with detailed information about ordering and delivery conditions.

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Parrotias logo branding

Clients and Creators can take advantage of the Parrotias PR and Marketing logo offer by getting free usage of downloadable ZIP files via the "Parrotias" buttons located below and available in various colors, sizes, and formats. It is time to get the logo and create your products!

Available Formats: 

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