Plastic trash bags

Widely used plastic bags are a convenient way of handling garbage. They provide lots of storage and protection. Ideal for workshops and homes, trash bags made of low-density resin are designed to protect against punctures and leaks. These Bags also offer protection for your garbage cans from dirt, liquids and odors. They're perfect for yard work, commercial kitchens, cleaning carts, warehouses, and job site cleanup. 


Lifting bags

Lifting Bags are a perfect solution to carry heavy loads around your warehouse or site. They are ideal for transportation and storage of building materials like sand, soil, rubble and hardstones.



The main purpose of a lifting bag is to transport and secure objects, liquids and materials. Its water-resistant roll top closure mechanism is perfect for the lifting situations with health and safety concerns. Meanwhile, its canvas boot provides extra wear resistance to the bag's base. Lifting bags are used for a wide range of applications in many fields.


Woven bags

Woven bags are ideal for packaging products with a risk of leaking. They are perfect for storage of sugar, flour, sand and even more hazardous materials like fertilizers or chemicals. These bags are widely preferred due to its durability and high load bearing capacity. They ensure protection from outside sources and reduce humidity. Woven Bags are mainly used in homes for shopping and carrying items, among many other uses.

Jumbo bags

Jumbo Bags are the easiest way to transport bulk materials used for exports. They are ideal for storing and carrying powders, chemicals, fertilizers, etc. These long lasting and durable bags are very easy to transport and are also used for covering boxes and cartons to protect from moisture and dust.

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Woven bags, known for their strength and durability, are produced by interweaving polypropylene tapes in two directions.  These bags contain laminated finishing for long-lasting functionality. These flexible and water absorbing bags are also suitable for carrying heavy or sharp goods.