Worker jacket

These jackets are ergonomic, functional and work clothes that combine safety and comfort, providing high-performance work opportunities. Therefore, we recommend you to use jackets that are made of quality fabrics and resistant to cold.

Why is it used?


The jackets have proven their functionality with many features that protect the user in severe weather conditions and support comfort in long-term use. For high visibility, reflective bands are available on the front and arms. The seams are covered with waterproof tape. It has a 98% protection against UV rays. Covered with a stain-resistant polyurethane coating, these jackets will make you feel comfortable and safe in many areas.


Made of 100% polyester.
Contains 300D Oxford weave that is PU (polyurethane) coated and stain resistant.
CE certificate approved.
Retro reflective light
5000 mvp breathable and 13000 mm water resistant.


Suitable for use by firefighters, emergency workers, traffic police, motorcyclists. It is also used in ordinary life outside of work. People living in extremely cold areas or in places where there is a lot of fog and smoke also need these work jackets. Such products also alert people to safety and make it necessary to take safety precautions. Remember that a good work jacket is a life safety garment that every employee should wear.

In what areas is it used?


These products make you more noticeable because they are highly visible. Cold protection is another important factor that increases efficiency. Wide use proves that the product is one of the indispensable occupational safety equipment.