Water protection means


When analyzing maritime problems, it becomes clear that protective means are important in the protection of the passengers and crew members. Various life-saving devices - life rafts, boats, air-filled vests, collars, hoops, lifebelts, etc are used to save the crew and passengers of the ship crashed in the open sea. By using them in accordance with the instructions, you can be saved during accidents in water transport.


Marine protective equipment is important to ensure the safety of both lifeguards and passengers. Life-saving products can save your life if you fall into the sea as a result of an accident, are injured, or are unable to swim due to fatigue.

One of the widely spread life-saving equipment is the life-saving vests. There are several types of these vests, but the requirements for all of them are almost the same. These pieces of equipment have been made to be worn comfortably in 1 minute without assistance. On the life jacket, there is a lamp, whistle, and reflective bands that light up continuously for 8 hours, connected to a battery that can work with seawater.

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Another rescue tool is life-saving rings. Life-saving rings are made of floating solid material. There are reflective bands on it. The outer diameter of the life-saving ring can not exceed 800 mm and the inner diameter can not be less than 400 mm. 


In addition, it has the feature of not burning for two to three seconds in an open flame. Life-saving rings should be positioned so that they can be easily and quickly removed.