Vinyl gloves

Vinyl gloves get their shape from latex gloves and their thinness and lightness from PE gloves. Vinyl gloves, which are comfortable to use, light and durable, can be easily used in food, some areas of medicine, and cleaning. You can save by buying bulks.


Comfort is the key

Vinyl gloves sit to your hands comfortably with their special shape. Mult-sized models allow you to easily find the most suitable vinyl glove for your hands. The cuff on the wrist of the glove prevents slipping, ensures a full fit in the hand. At the same time, its lightness and thinness do not bother the hands, and you feel like you don`t even wear one. It is possible to wear and take off the gloves comfortably because they do not stick to the hands and themselves.

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Medicine, kitchen, etc ...

Vinyl gloves have a wide range of uses. These virus-free gloves can be used in many areas of medicine, and are a more cost-effective alternative to examination gloves. It is also suitable for working with oils and non-hazardous chemicals due to its certain chemical resistance. Therefore, vinyl gloves are used in various areas, including pharmacy.

Durability is a feature of gloves that are thicker or have a special material. Vinyl gloves are not as durable with their thickness, but they are average durable with the material. Due to this feature, it differs from other lightweight gloves. Can be used longer during the day. In this case, you will save more by buying these lightweight gloves with a relatively long service life.

Affordable endurance


Areas of use

Vinyl gloves can be used in some areas of medicine, in the kitchen, and in any area where frequent glove changing is essential. The main areas of use are:

Professional cleaning work
Sorting of goods
Cosmetology and beauty salons
Confectionery making and similar fields.