TPE gloves

The main purpose of gloves is to protect our hands from external influences and dirt. TPE gloves can be easily used for this purpose. At the same time, with its lightness and comfort, it feels like you even don`t wear a glove. It can be used in any area, especially for the food area


Feel the touch

One of the desires of those who use gloves in their work is not to lose the feeling of what they do touch. This is especially important for those who work in areas where it is a great privilege to feel delicate materials by touching. Such as food and beauty-related fields. TPE gloves with their special texture and delicacy help you easily feel every surface you touch. Whether it's a small goldfish's bristle or a tiny grain in the cream, you still will be able to feel it with a TPE glove.


Save the nature and money

Plastic materials are a part of our daily lives. Although it is not possible to reduce the use of plastics in some areas, it is possible to reduce the amount. TPE gloves are lighter than other types of gloves. More TPE gloves are produced with the same weight of plastic material (thermoplastic polyethylene). In this way, we save money, and even when you use the same quantity of gloves, you still protect nature by using less amount plastic material.

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Food friendly

TPE gloves are the most widely used in the food industry in recent years. Its lightness and comfortable changing make it ideal for the food field. It is waterproof, does not change its shape with low heat, and is very easy to remove and install a new one. As it is powder-free, there is no danger of food making. Due to the widespread allergy to latex, TPE gloves are a new alternative in the food industry. 


Our difference

CPE and TPE gloves are similar in shape, fineness, color, and area of ​​use. Sometimes it is very difficult for the user to distinguish them. The main difference is the material. This material difference can be felt by the fact that CPE gloves are rougher and TPE gloves are softer. Our difference is that we can listen to you and recommend the best option for you. We can provide you with the most suitable glove as soon as possible with brief information about your field and what you expect from the glove.