Rachet straps

A Ratchet Strap is an effective solution to secure your load. They provide durability and security for transporting a variety of objects, including motorcycle, bike, kayak, UTV, boat, ATV, boxes, boat, cooler, & other cargo via trailers, or car roof rack. They secure all kinds of stuff without damaging tools or vehicle surfaces. Ratchet straps are also used to tie down and secure cargo items to the floor or to the sides of the vehicle.


Guy ropes

A guy rope is a great option to help setting up your tent. They are mainly used to tie out a tent wall to the ground. But overall, guy ropes serve many purposes (for hanging bags, tying up tarps or shelters, etc.) and they are definitely worth using, especially considering how easy they are to set up. They are also lightweight and small, which makes them easy to store and carry. Being versatile and easy to tie, guy ropes are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications.

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Ratchet straps are made of polyester fabric and they are light in weight. Being very easy to grip, they also provide excellent control, comfort and grasp. Some ratchet straps have reinforced sides for preventing cuts and tears, while maintaining their softness and flexibility. It makes them perfect for transporting cargo that requires some care.


Nylon ropes

Boasting superior shock absorption, nylon is one of the best rope materials for all of your outdoor applications. Nylon Rope is made from a silky thermoplastic material that is soft on the hands. It is ideal for use in sailing and marine or for basic knot tying.

Jute ropes

Being extremely lightweight and affordable, Jute is the best rope material for everything from craft projects to all-weather applications. Jute ropes are thick and strong, offering little stretch, and are able to grip items more tightly. They are perfect for use in a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities in your home, garden, farm or work site. 

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Nylon rope is known for its elasticity and ability to absorb huge shock loads, which makes it capable of handling environmental stress and heavy loads. This rope will not rot and is resistant to moisture, sunlight and most chemicals. Besides having good abrasion resistance, nylon ropes are also highly resistant to UV rays.