Stainless steel gloves

If you need extra safety precautions when cutting, chopping, slicing, carving and more, steel gloves are the best choice. Made of stainless steel, these delicate, comfortable gloves are both breathable and sufficiently protect your hands from many dangers.


Why stainless steel gloves

Our hands are the most used body parts of ours. Therefore, no action we take to protect them is "unnecessary" Stainless steel gloves provide this safety when you need it. You can be assured that cutting your fingers, damaging the inside and top of your hand, or getting injured by sharp objects are not an option anymore. Also, stainless steel gloves give you a firm grip. You will be able to easily hold many surfaces and objects without the risk of slipping, tearing, and friction.

Use in the kitchen


Stainless steel gloves are mainly used in areas with knives and other cutting tools. The kitchen is therefore one of the best places for stainless steel gloves. Safety is a requirement, especially in large kitchens where long hours of cutting, chopping, peeling, and other operations are carried out. Stainless steel gloves both protect your hands from cuts and are more hygienic because they are easier to clean. It does not slip when cutting juicy vegetables and fruits, or when used underwater, it sits comfortably.

Other areas


Ideal for trimming, grafting, and other cutting tools.

You should use it when fishing with bait, carp, and catching fishes sharp teeth. 
Carpentry and woodworking:

When working with wood, you face the danger of many cutting tools. Stainless steel gloves will protect your hands from those dangers.Mechanics, industry, and other fields.

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Safe and comfortable

When it comes to stainless steel gloves, you should imagine light, high mobility, and comfortable gloves. Stainless steel gloves are knitted by fine steel wires, a cotton lining inside, and a metal strap attached to the wrist – exactly what you have imagined, right? Both the steel part and the cotton lining are 100% safe for food. The wrist band moves and allows to adjust the length of the glove. This way, the glove is not likely to slip out of your hand during work. The flat inner touch ensures that your hands are comfortable in the glove, even without lining.

Our difference

The differences and advantages of our stainless steel gloves are various. The following is a list of some of them that will be important to you:
Food safe - stainless steel gloves do not rust because they are made of stainless steel fibres, they are easy to wash, clean, do not create conditions for the growth of germs and bacteria. Perfect for working with food.
Comfort - Cotton lining ensures the comfort of your hands, absorbs any sweat. The custom-adjustable wristband allows you to adjust the length of the wrist to your preference. The 24 cm long glove can be used both short and long way.
Protection – Stainless steel gloves are one of the best options when looking for cut protection for your hands, regardless of where you work. Protects your hands from all kinds of cutting tools and objects.