Silicone kitchen gloves

Silicone kitchen gloves are resistant to both heat and cold. So you can use it not only with hot pots or oven sheets but also with the products in the freezer to avoid damaging your hands. Silicone kitchen gloves are also known for their longevity.


When it`s hot and when it`s cold

When we talk about kitchen gloves, we usually imagine something to take food out of the oven or cook something in iron pots. But silicone kitchen gloves are with you not only in the heat but also in the cold. The special silicone coating is resistant to -40 degrees. The cotton coating inside will help maintain the temperature of your hands. Especially if you like to freeze vegetables for the winter, or just simply have a freezer, silicone kitchen gloves are there for you.


The advantages of silicone kitchen gloves are various. The followings are some of the most important ones:
Resistant to temperature changes. It can be used in any degree range from -40 ° to 230 °. It retains its comfort and durability on cold surfaces as well as on hot surfaces.
Outer silicone, inner cotton - The inner cotton lining is coated with special silicone. Both parts can be separated. But they remain their wholesomeness when they are used.Ability to work with liquids - As the upper part is a special silicone, it also protects against hot or cold liquids, steam, and hot air. There is will be no deformation on the surface, your hands will remain completely dry and protected inside.
Balance - Do not sacrifice the safety for convenience or comfort for safety. With our silicone kitchen gloves, both will be with you at the same time.

Storage recommendations

Here are some simple tips to help you use your silicone kitchen gloves for a long time.
- Protect your gloves from direct sunlight and moisture. You can hang it on the door of one of the kitchen cabinets with its loop.
- Always keep it clean. The silicone part is easily cleaned with detergent and warm water. You can wash it with your hands and wipe it with a napkin. The cotton lining inside can be washed in the washing machine when it’s dirty
- Protect from folding. During use, it can bend, fold and curl as much as you want. However, if it is left unused for a long time, it is recommended to keep it unfolded.

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Move comfortably

If you always work with gloves, comfort is one of the most important conditions for you. Silicone kitchen gloves are very durable, but also very comfortable. Along with the palm part, the protrusion of the thumb will allow you to grasp even the smallest objects with ease. The inside of the glove has special embossed patterns. These patterns both create a pleasant aesthetic appearance and provide a stronger adhesion of silicone gloves to the surface. You will be able to easily hold oily and wet surfaces with such silicone kitchen gloves.

Our difference

Our color – just stands out. The color and design of our silicone kitchen gloves were chosen carefully. It is 36 cm in length, protects both your hands and wrists. A special lining in the wrist prevents fluid and oil from sliding down and staining your clothes. As the inner lining is longer than the silicone cover, it does not hurt your wrist and is comfortable to wear.