Shower gloves

Among the bath facilities, the shower gloves has a special place due to its comfort and economy. You can use it for quick daily showers or long weekend beauty sessions.


For health

Dead skin cells pile up on the top layer of our skin over time. Microbes and bacteria can grow rapidly in this layer, which traps oil, dirt, and moisture – the perfect environment for them. Periodically getting rid of dead skin reduces the risk of infections, skin diseases, and keeps the skin healthy. With its nylon surface, shower gloves gently cleanse dead skin without damaging the skin, speeding up blood circulation.Leaves skin healthy and fresh.


For beauty

Periodically get rid of dead skin is also important for beauty. Especially on dry skin, the presence of a layer of dead skin on the top layer prevents the skin from hydrating, causing the skin to become even drier. Gentle and deep cleansing of the skin creates a color balance, whitens, and smoothes. Shower gloves can be used with special cleansing gels for face or body scrub.


Unlike other bath products, shower gloves fit perfectly in the hand. With a length of 23 cm and a special shape that fits most sizes, you can easily use it. The main advantages are: Suitable for all hands. The elastic knitted glove fits perfectly, tight touch on the wrist prevents slipping. It does not slip even when used with soap and other cleaning products. The field of application is wide. It can be used with any product. It takes up little space. You can easily fold it and put it in your travel bag, or even in your makeup bag, and take it with you wherever you go. Easy to clean. Simply wash under water until there is no product, squeeze and hang with a special hook. It is long-lasting. By following the rules of proper washing and drying, you will be able to use it for a long time without losing its shape.

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Instructions for use

Wet with water before use. After adding the cleanser, you can soak it again if it`s necessary. When using soap and dry products, rub the product on the wet surface of the glove. Pour a sufficient amount of liquid cleanser into the palm of the glove and make foam by closing and opening your hands. Attention: You can use fewer cleaners because of the high foaming.


Our difference

Variety is our first difference. We offer shower gloves in several different colors. Also, the difference of our gloves is that the surface is softer and more durable than the other gloves on the market. Just one click for more information. Special nylon material speeds up drying, prevents the development of moisture odors and bacterial environment.