Shoe cover 

Shoe cover is a disposable cover that can be worn over shoes for hygienic purposes and can be used according to different types and sizes of shoes. By keeping your shoes clean, this product fully protects them from potentially dangerous materials.


Usage areas

Medical - If you work in a medical environment such as a hospital, laboratory, or surgery you must wear a shoe cover to protect yourself and others.

Contracting Works - In electrical, plumbing, cable installations, repairs and other contracting works, shoe cover is used to ensure the cleanliness of the client's home.

Public use – Shoe cover is ideal to protect your new shoes from stains and scratches. This will be especially useful if you have paintwork at home or you have woken up on a muddy morning.



 Easy to use - Easy to put on and take off.

Non-slip - Elastic bands around the ankle reduce the risk of slipping.

Tear-resistant - In addition to providing protection, it is a tear-resistant and breathable fabric

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Reduces contamination. As it is disposable, after single use it reduces the risk of contamination.

Helps to keep environment clean. Shoe cover prevents substances that can disrupt the sterility and cleanliness of the room.

Advantages of using a shoe cover


Helps to keep shoes clean. Many workplaces expose workers to materials that can damage their shoes. The shoe stays cleaner because it creates a physical barrier between these materials.