Safety barrier fences

Safety barrier fences are great for temporary fencing. These plastic construction solutions are used in many situations for various purposes such as identifying dangerous areas, crowd control, and safety. Lightweight and durable barrier fences are removable, reusable and easy to handle. Featuring UV and weather resistance, this barrier option is highly visible. Safety fences are perfect for construction sites and sporting events when a visual barrier is needed. 

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Plastic safety chains

A plastic safety chain is an easy way to manage a location’s safety. On some occasions, they are necessary for work operations to continue smoothly and without any injury. Plastic chains are used to block access to specific areas, control crowds and create organized lines. They also add quick and easy foot traffic control in different locations. These chains are ideal for creating strong visual barriers in both indoor and outdoor setting.



Plastic chains are made of lightweight and durable high-density polyethylene. They are weather resistant and will not fade, or become rusty in rainy or hot days. They are specifically designed for heavy-duty use with additional UV protection for long-lasting performance. Highly visible plastic chains are an ideal safety barrier for both indoor and outdoor environment.

Construction barricades

Construction barricades provide safety around construction sites and block access to certain areas. They create a safer environment and workplace. These plastic barricades are constructed to be easily carried without the use of heavy lifting equipment. They are made of UV resistant polyethylene and are ideal for outdoor use. 


Safety cones and bollards

Safety barriers such as safety cones and bollards are a great solution to keep work hazards away. They both are made of high-density polyethylene, easy to carry and handle and have the durability needed for construction works. They are used in areas where drivers and work crews need to be warned of a dangerous area.

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Safety cones are highly visible and will manage a location`s safety. They are stackable and easy to store in any garage or basement. They are widely used in construction sites, crowded streets, and even corridors and hallways. These cones are also ideal for redirecting automobile traffic and alerting drivers to see hazards.

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Caution boards

Caution board signs are ideal for notifying of a potential hazardous situation. They warn the public about the dangers of slippery, wet floors or other hazards. This highly visible sign is the perfect solution to preventing workplace injuries.  



Caution board signs are made of heavy-duty plastic for durability and long-lasting use. The material is highly resistant to electricity and ideal for use in any environment. Caution boards can be used in workplaces, grocery stores, industrial sites and so on.

Barricade lights

Barricade lights are a perfect solution to ensure safety at workplace and control traffic. They can be simply attached to a safety barricade to ensure the safety of drivers and work crew. They are easy to use and offer enough visibility.


Speed bumps

Speed bumps are made to slow vehicles and are usually used in busy pedestrian areas. They are designed to provide pedestrian safety and reduce the risk of accidents. They're most often used in parking lots, private roads and residential areas.