Tool kits

A well-equipped tool kit makes home maintenance and other daily tasks easy. The basic tool kits contain all of the most useful and necessary tools for everyday chores and repairs. Includes scissor, screwdrivers, utility knife, tape measure, hex key, hammer, pliers, etc. 


Tool belts

A tool belt is a very important accessory. Proper use of a tool belt will ensure your safety while you work. Holding your tools on a belt keeps your hands free for your work. Tool belts are commonly used in a number of professions including electricians, carpenters, steelworkers, plumbers and construction workers among many others. 

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Tool kits, made of soft grip handle, are lightweight and comfortable to hold. They are packed in plastic carry case for easy storage, and are convenient to carry outside. Tool kits feature high-quality steel alloy and are chrome-plated to resist corrosion. Perfect for repairmen, construction workers, mechanics to do household repairing, furniture assembling, woodwork at home, garage and workshop.

Safety tool bags

Tool bags are used in various industries to store tools while keeping them organized and accessible. They add comfort and ease to jobs by carrying necessary items. Featuring easy usage and high durability, tool bags keep tools safe and secure.


Tool rolls

Tool rolls are an essential handheld device that aid in accomplishing a task. They allow you to carry a collection of many different items. Typically, they are made of leather, canvas or waxed canvas. Tool rolls are flexible enough to roll but sturdy to hold all of your collections. Its internal flap protects and covers your tools. It makes life easy when you need to take your tools on the road. 



The two largest parts in a tool box are equipped with removable dividers. Its removable tool trays provide additional flexibility. Tool boxes are made of hard plastic that won't break when transported. Each tool box is multipurpose and can be used as a trailer tool box, mechanic tool box, car tool box, professional tool box, and much more.


Tool boxes with trays

A tool box set is a perfect storage solution. They are designed to go anywhere and help you with the most difficult tasks. The portable tool boxes have compartments which allow you to carry all the necessary tools. They also feature both removable trays and small-parts toolbox compartments.