Safety gloves

Safety gloves are an important factor in everyday work, as well as in construction, industry, and other fields. These gloves not only protect your hands but also help you better grasp your tools and objects.


Simplicity is an advantage

The design of safety gloves is very simple: a tightly knitted comfortable glove, with nitrile coated fingers and palm. Despite its simple design, it protects your hands perfectly. It is light, breathable, and does not prevent your mobility. The shape of the gloves allows them to fit any hand size, without slipping and discomfort. The wristband is tight and doesn`t allow to slip of the hand. It is 23 cm long. Suitable for reuse.


Instructions for use

For your safety gloves to last for a long time, you need to follow some instructions for use. The most important of them are:
Do not keep gloves wet. Most safety gloves are made of fabric. Keeping them moist will cause them to break down faster, also bad odours and bacteria.
Change gloves when changing tasks. It is a good idea to provide a separate safety glove for each field. This will increase the life of each glove, as well as prevent dust, oil, liquid and other remains from other work spoil what you do now.
Clean it. Cleaning gloves after each task will prolong life. Warm water and soap are enough to make it shine again.
Keep properly. You can prolong the life of your gloves by keeping them away from direct sunlight and moisture.

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Safety gloves can be easily used in many areas. It`s suitable to work with light oils, liquids and has resistance to cutting and puncture. It is mainly used in the following areas:
Working with soil and other similar fields.

Areas of use