Safety glasses

Safety glasses provide protection against secondary shock hazards, metal scraps, particles and sparks. Polycarbonate is very superior in terms of impact resistance. These are forms of glasses that generally cover or protect the eye area to prevent various chemicals from coming into contact with the eyes.

High quality


Safety glasses are made of polycarbonate material with scratch-resistant hard-coated lenses for long-term use and durability. The special coating protects the eyes from dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun. Scratch-resistant transparent lenses allow maximum visible light transmission. At the same time, ANSI meets the highest requirements. Depending on the user: The side and nose parts of the safety goggles are adjusted to fit perfectly without slipping, regardless of the type of face and headgear.

Our uniqueness 

Our cost-effective glasses for any budget offer perfect damage protection and comfort, lightness. These safety glasses are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


About design

Safety glasses with clear lenses provide unisex style, protection and convenience for employees or visitors. The non-slip design gives the user comfort and grip. There are not any dielectric designs and no metal parts.

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These high-quality glasses provide protection from excessive glare and debris in the air. Glasses with clear lenses are ideal for interior applications that require shock protection. It is often used in the chemistry laboratory and woodworking. It is the best protection method for construction projects, including metalwork, drilling, cleaning, yard work and more.