PVC dotted gloves

It is a must to wear gloves when working. It will protect your hands and increase the efficiency of the work. PVC dotted gloves are notable for their lightness and comfort.

Small and durable


The surface of PVC dot gloves is covered with small PVC dots. These dots will help the glove to grasp objects easily and prevent slipping. At the same time, because they are small enough, they do not create weight, and the glove maintains their ability to breathe and move easily.Because PVC dots are placed with special technology, they do not spill even during heavy work, increasing the durability and life of the glove.



In some cases, mobility is a key factor. Other gloves can add extra weight, but PVC dotted gloves provide full mobility. You can easily move each finger. Made of cotton fabric, it fits easily in the hand, does not feel tight and discomfort.

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Lightness. PVC dot gloves are quite light, comfortable, and strong.
Breathing. Because it is made of cotton, it breathes, does not sweat, and retains heat in cold weather
Two-way use. The shape of the thumb allows it to be used with any hand. Ideal for workwear a single glove is especially needed. You will be able to use it for a long time with a pair.
Reusable. PVC dot gloves can be washed and used repeatedly. In this case, it does not lose its shape and PVC dots do not fall out.


Our difference

The first difference between our PVC dot gloves from others is in their shape. Unlike other gloves, you can use these gloves on your left or right hand.
PVC dots have a special shape at the fingertips. This allows you to easily do delicate work with your fingers.
The tight band of the wrist ensures that the glove fits snugly in the hand, preventing it from slipping.
It is 23 cm in length,  fits perfectly in most sizes.