PVC chemical resistant gloves

Chemical-resistant gloves can be made in a variety of materials and shapes. You can contact us if you need additional advice to find the most suitable one.


What is chemical resistance

When working in special work environments, for example, pharmaceuticals, construction, industry, painting, etc., you are in direct contact with chemical solutions. In this case, the product may directly or over a long time damage your skin. Because some chemicals can pass through many materials, you can still be in danger with ordinary or examination gloves. Chemical-resistant gloves are specially made of chemical-resistant material, which ensures complete safety.

The importance of the shape of gloves


There is no rule that thick gloves provide better protection. The main indicator of the quality of the glove is the material from which it is made. However, some materials may be heavier or less elastic than others. One of the main conditions is that the glove does not prevent mobility. The gloves we offer provide mobility with their special shape. The thumb protrusion provides a perfect grip even when working with oily surfaces and liquids.

Design features

PVC chemical safety gloves are specially designed in a long shape. With a length of 35 cm, they protect not only your hands but also your wrists and arms. So you can be sure of your chemical safety with or without protective clothing. Comfortable lining wraps your hands comfortably. There is no extra weight as it is coated with PVC. Specially selected colour allows you to distinguish the glove from other clothes and see the damage on it

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Areas of use

Chemical-resistant gloves are generally suitable for all areas where there may be chemical hazards. However, some features of this model are extra useful for the following areas: Concentrated acids,alcohol solutions,repair,construction, cleaning, oils and greases, caustics and other similar solutions


Our difference

The main difference is in the long and tightened sleeves. The design of this model allows you to easily work with liquids and similar solutions. The elastic material will provide comfortable mobility, especially for those working in sensitive jobs.