Protective hats

Protective hats reduce the risk of head injuries during work time. These types of hats are equipped with ventilation holes for maximum air passage. Breathable side ventilation adapts to the inner shell and allows air to flow between the worker's head and the bulge cover.


Why should it be used?

The use of various head protectors, such as blow hats, has been made mandatory in hazardous work environments. Because the slightest blow to the head is enough to pose dangers.


Designed to protect against shocks and crumbs, this hat, unlike a protective helmet, is both lightweight and suitable for outdoor use. The impact head is easy to use due to its lightweight. The breathable hat prevents excess moisture from remaining in the body and eliminates perspiration that can cause discomfort during work.

safet cap.png


4-layer design
Elastic inner helmet
Possibility of adjustment for different head sizes.
Ventilation system
Primer with maximum comfort

Due to its durable outer shell and elastic structure, it absorbs possible impacts and eliminates hesitations.
The fact that the inside of the hats is made of a soft material, as in ordinary hats, helps to create a more comfortable work experience than hard hats. Although it looks like a normal hat, it manages to make its users feel comfortable with its design.


This safety product that ensures your security, combines modern design and comfort. Known as shock absorber hats, these hats protect the wearer's head from blows and cuts. Thanks to its functionality and resemblance to hats suitable for everyday use, it allows employees to work long hours without disturbing the head area.