Protective hat

Protective featured, thermal structured, windproof, helmet from the front, hat from the bottom is suitable for use in many areas. If you want to protect your head from the cold in cold weather, you can easily fight the chill with this product, which can be easily worn under a helmet.

Where is it used?

This product provides you with perfect protection from elements such as cold, wind, dust, and UV rays of the sun. People are using it comfortably for skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding, ATV riding, hunting, construction, warehousing, and snow shoveling. You can wear it alone or under a helmet. It is versatile. Thinner hats can be used under motorcycle or snowmobile helmets to keep warm in cool or winter conditions.



Insulation liner is suitable for wearing with most helmets.
Ideal warmth and protection for face, neck.
Suitable for all-day wear. The breathable, moisturizing fabric keeps you dry and prevents eyeglasses fog.
Features breathable panels to minimize condensation and increase airflow


Polar hat

Polar hat is a comfortable way to keep your head warm. These polyester hats offer maximum heat retention and long-lasting use. They are made of stretchable materials to adapt to different head shapes. They also ensure soft feel and will keep you warm. Suitable for any cold weather outdoor sports and activities.


Polar scarf

Polar scarves are a great tool that will keep you warm on your cold-weather adventures. They provide antimicrobial protection both inside and out. Specifically designed to dry quickly to keep you warm longer. A must have item for any cold weather outdoor activity.


Polar earmuffs

Earmuffs are a great winter accessory that will keep your ears warm. Made of fleece material, these polar earmuffs are lightweight and easily foldable into small sizes. Perfect for outdoor, climbing, skiing and every winter outdoor activities.