Protective body belt

A protective body belt is one of the management tools designed to stop a person from falling or getting seriously injured if they fall. Creates a safe work environment with its compatibility for working at height, rugged construction, and ease of use.


Harnesses and belts are used when working in hazardous work. Lanyard connectors, or hooks, require double movement to open and close on their own. This design prevents the fork from being accidentally opened. Harnesses are "personal protection against falling."


A lanyard is a flexible rope or belt with connectors at each end to attach to a body belt or harness, and then to a rescue line, anchor, or brake device.


How to use:

First, lift the belt by holding the D ring
Then pass over the shoulder
Close the chest and waist belt from the top
Pass under each foot, hold the foot straps and wrap around the thigh part
Make sure to check the tightness of all the parts

The back D ring is the only contact point suitable for stopping the fall, while the other D rings are used for limited space (shoulder D rings), climbing devices to stair (front/chest D ring), or position.