Protective glasses

The glasses provide protection from damage, dust and chemical splashes. These types of glasses provide a reliable shield around the entire eye and protect against danger from all sides. Only full-face glasses can protect you from these potential dangers. It provides 360-degree protection with the help of a tight-fitting face seal. High lens quality is suitable for long-term use due to low light refraction level. This product with a high standard lens will ensure the durability of the lens.

When to use?


Protective glasses should be worn when the following risks are existed:
High speed debris and blunt effects 
Splashing liquids and air droplets 
Dust particles from the air 
Caustic vapors 
Examples that are a better choice than glasses include metal grinding, dusty conditions, chemical exposure, etc. All of these conditions make the chances of a external object falling into your eyes much higher than normal. Those who work in dusty environments or with chemicals should prefer fully closed glasses.

Features and details: 
The glasses have a soft, tight-fitting rubber seal with indirect ventilation holes to prevent evaporation
Fog lens
Buckle-adjustable hood
Anti-fog polycarbonate lens


Why use polycarbonate lenses are used for glasses?


Polycarbonate is used for safety glasses and eye protection due to its high impact resistance and low weight. It is also 250 times more impact resistant than glass and is half of its weight. This feature makes it more comfortable to wear and more effective in protecting the user from damages. Polycarbonate has heat, air and UV resistance. Hence, it is ideal for eye protection.

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Protective glasses are used in many different fields, such as manufacturing, construction, food, chemical laboratories, power plants and transformers, paint, automobiles, airports.

What areas it is used?


Our uniqueness

The parts that come in contact with the skin are covered with a soft rubber, which is comfortable enough to forget to wear glasses without violating the level of protection. The lens used is made of UV-resistant material. This makes them ideal for long-term outdoor use. It has been designed with adjustable headband for comfortable seating