Respirators and masks

Respirators and masks are PPE (personal protective equipment) used to protect the wearer from particles that contaminate the face. Masks and respirators provide varying degrees of protection depending on the type and how they are used. This blog describes different types of masks and respirators that you can use to protect yourself.

1. Medical Masks

Medical masks, also called "surgical masks" can be used both in medicine and in everyday life. They filter the air and prevent the entry of foreign objects, bacteria, and viruses into the mouth and nose. This is especially good news for people with allergies. Medical masks will protect your health with easy use, accessibility, and self-protection.

2. KN95 Masks

The most common respirators that meet international standards are KN95 respirators. They are designed to provide a very close facial fit and excellent filtration of particles in the air. KN95 masks are different from other medical masks due to their high level of protection. Especially, it can be used for work involving direct contact with hazards. The number "95" in the name of the mask shows that 95% of foreign objects and bacterias are prevented.

3. Half face mask

These respirators cover the nose and mouth. The half face mask is among the most widely used masks in areas where the protection of respiratory organs is necessary.

4. Full face mask

Full-face respirators offer higher protection than half-face. It seals not only the nose and and mouth, but the entire face. It covers the eyes and face and it protects against liquid splashes and irritating smoke. When working with hazards that can irritate the eyes, a full face mask is your best option.

5. Welding mask

Workers in many industries need face shields, one of which is welding. Welders engaged in welding operations, such as cutting and grinding metal, should wear a face shield. They ensure protection of the eyes, face, and neck from burns, ultraviolet rays, sparks, infrared light, and heat.

The protection level masks and respirators provide depends on the type of mask and the way they are used. Surgical masks provide the least protection, KN95s offer more protection, and well-fitting respirators provide the best protection. Whatever product you choose, it should provide a perfect fit and high comfort. Visit our page to explore varieties of masks and respirators at an affordable price.