Importance of swimming rings

A swim ring is a cheap and durable item of swimming equipment that is ideal for the non-swimmer. It is used mainly by children as a way of enhancing their confidence in the water.

It is vitally important to take into consideration the size of the child to be put into the ring. The child has to be large enough and strong enough to be able to support themselves within the ring.

If they are not strong enough or big enough, they will simply slip through. An alternative buoyancy aid should be considered, such as armbands or a swimming vest.

This type of swimming floatation aid is very old-fashioned but is still popular due to its low cost and durability. It's also very quick and easy to fit and remove, making it all round very convenient.

Swim Ring Advantages

Children can be kept at a safe level above the water surface, reducing the risk of taking water into the mouth or nose

Cheap to buy and easy to deflate and store away.

Gives complete freedom of the legs to the user