Pet brushing gloves

Pets have become a part of our family. However, sometimes hair shedding can be a problem for them and other family members. You can get rid of hair loss with special pet brushing gloves, use them for cleaning and massage your pet.

You can use brushing glove for

Dogs: Especially suitable for long and curly-haired dogs. Cats: You can collect loose hair by combing it once a day during the hair shedding season for cats. Horses: Although the short hairs of horses do not need to be combed, their tails and long hairs should be combed frequently to remove any loose hair. Other animals: The only condition is that the animal has to have long hair. It can also be used on short-haired animals for massage.



The inside of the special silicone glove is enhanced with 255 blunt, soft, and smooth grooming tips. It is water-resistant. The silicone material causes the hair to stick to the brush and can be easily collected and cleaned after brushing. Since the tips are blunt, they don’t have any harm on your animal friend, gives massage effect while combing. Easily fits most sizes. The 23 cm long glove has a special wrist strap. You can easily adjust it to your wrist.

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Benefits for your furry friend

Shedding bothers your pet friend the most. Especially in densely furry animals, the hairs loosen from the skin do not fall to the ground, but remain on the animal. This creates a feeling of discomfort. When your pet tries to clean itself with its tongue, these fallen hairs can go into the stomach and cause additional problems. For this reason, it is necessary to periodically clean the shed hair with a pet brushing glove.  Also, the skin is massaged with tips, blood circulation is accelerated. The tips delight your animal friends by massaging the areas that your friends can’t reach out, such as back of the ears, under the neck, face and other areas.


Benefits for you

Brushing gloves can make you forget about hair cleaning up. Your items and clothes will no longer be decorated with the hair of your furry friend. Also, pet brushing gloves will help you when you wash your furry friend. You can easily brush and deeply clean the hair by squeezing a tiny bit of special animal cleanser on the gloves. It will save you time as the gloves are very comfortable to clean. The gloves are made of soft silicone and you can fold them and place them in even the smallest travel bags, you can carry them with you and your furry friend to work, park, walk, and travel.

Instructions for use

Put the glove on your hand, be careful not to pull up the wrist strap too hard. Spray water on the inside of the glove. This will increase the adhesion of the hairs to the surface. Take your pet friend in your arms, brush in the direction of hair growth.Brushing in the opposite direction of hair growth can cause discomfort to your pet friends. After brushing, collect hairs from the surface of the glove and dump them into the bin. Wash gloves in water or the washing machine. Protect from direct sunlight and moisture.