Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are often used in the same areas as latex gloves. Used in medicine, safety, food, and other fields. These gloves are distinguished by their comfort, tight fit, and lightness. In most cases, it comes in blue or black color.


Comfort and safety

Unlike other simple gloves, nitrile gloves have a higher resistance to chemical solutions and punctures. This again makes it more convenient and safer for everyday use. Nitrile gloves are especially preferred in the food industry for these advances. The acid in many foods can damage the texture of the glove, causing unwanted taste and parts to be associated with the food. There is no such danger with nitrile gloves.


Blue or black?

There is a reason that nitrile gloves are often black or blue. Nitrile gloves are the number one choice, especially for those with latex allergies. In this case, the special color choice allows the user to easily understand whether the glove is nitrile or latex. Latex gloves are usually white or different colors, while nitrile gloves are available in blue or black. Black nitrile gloves are preferred in the food sector mostly. At this time, it is easier to distinguish, even if part of the glove accidentally falls into the food.

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The simpler the design of nitrile gloves, the more comfortable they are. The material is thinner than rubber and thicker than ordinary gloves. It fits perfectly in your hands, does not create a feeling of tightness nor gap. The special cuff on the wrist both grasps the wrist and makes it easy to put on and take off. The fingers are completely free, no-stitch, and comfortable.

Lines of design


Areas of use

Nitrile gloves can be used in any area where disposable gloves are needed. Special reusable nitrile gloves can be washed and used repeatedly. The main areas of use are:
Food preparation, packaging, and transportation

Medical examinations

The security and inspection procedures
Routine work

Oil industry, machinery and lubricants, mechanics, manufacturing,
metalworking and other fields.