Montage gloves

Although mounting gloves do not differ in the area of ​​use, they differ in material and shape depending on the user's personal preferences. Goatskin mounting gloves are the choice of those who love comfort and lightness.


Lightness and durability

Goatskin is very soft, light, and comfortable leather. Therefore, goat leather montage gloves are distinguished by their lightness and comfort. Nevertheless, it is very durable. Abrasion-resistant goatskin is suitable for long-term use. Goat leather montage gloves are light and soft, so they can be folded and carried in small bags.


Advantages of goat leather

Among other leather types, goat leather is standouts by its balance. Although not every feature is at the highest level, it shows good results in almost all quality indicators. In particular, durability and thermal insulation are strong points of goat leather. Along with these qualities, it is extremely elastic and soft. Goat leather gloves are mainly recommended for people who want to find out what is comfortable for them in gloves.

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Goatskin mounting gloves have an eye-catching silver-white color. The glove is made entirely of goatskin. The thumb is sewn separately for easy movement. The glove is 25 cm long and fits most hand sizes. The cuff on the wrist allows the hand to sit fully, preventing slipping. There is a black stripe on the skirt. It is prone to tearing


Areas of use

Montage gloves can be used in many areas. Goat leather montage gloves are the choice of most drivers, farm workers, housekeepers, and gardeners due to their lightness and comfort. Used in many different areas. Suitable for reuse.