Gas detectors

Gas detectors are life-saving pieces of equipment in many cases. The primary function of a gas detector is to provide safety by detecting the presence of gas in an area. As soon as it detects a high concentration of gas in the air, it alerts people in the area. 

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Forehead thermometers

Forehead thermometers are an essential item to have on hand. They provide a quick way to measure temperature. They use infrared sensors and are easier to use than other thermometers when quickly assessing a large number of people.


Digital sound meters

Sound Level Meters are a reliable tool designed for measuring and controlling sound levels. They can be used in any place where noise monitoring is necessary. They measure sound levels from industrial plants, road traffic, construction work, concerts, leisure parks, residential and commercial neighbors.


They are easily administered, and it is possible to take a reading at a distance to prevent the spread of bacteria. They provide quick reading within seconds. Easily operated forehead thermometers can be used on infants, children, and adults. No contact forehead thermometers are widely used in airports, stores, and stadiums.


Refractometer is designed for testing the sugar content of a liquid. They are also widely used in the food industry to measure the concentration of fruit juices, vegetable oils, saline solutions, soy milk, honey and alcohol. 

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These tools are durable, easy to carry and provide quick results. They are easy to use and are more precise than traditional hydrometers. Refractometers are ideal for home brew, wine making, agriculture, gardening & educational purposes.