Latex safety gloves

Even in everyday use, safety must come first. With latex safety gloves, you will be able to work comfortably and protect your hands from the dangers of the work you do.


Elasticity for comfort

For those who work with gloves for a long time, elasticity is one of the main points. With our natural latex gloves, your hands will be free enough to do even the most delicate work. The special shape of the fingers allows you to move your hands without feeling any stretch. Regardless of the size of your hand, the gloves fit most sizes and it wouldn`t be tight. As it is natural latex, it will retain its elasticity for a long time. The gloves are very comfortable to wear and take off. Even if you wear gloves for a long time, you will not feel any discomfort.

Delicate details


Unlike other models, our Latex safety gloves are specially vulcanized. Also, the surface and unique palm design prevent slipping, allowing you to grasp any material comfortably and strongly. This advantage is especially noticeable when working with liquids.
The gloves are smooth, elastic, and long enough. With a length of 30 cm, it protects your hands as well as your arms from any dangers.
Our latex safety gloves are vulcanized.

What is vulcanization

Vulcanization is a chemical process. The rubber is heated together with sulfur to 140-160 °. As a result, additional bonds are formed between the rubber molecules.
One of the characteristics of rubber is its ability to change shape, shrink, grow - in the other words, it is easily deformed. Prevents deformation of rubber products by a vulcanization process. The product takes full shape, there is no shrinkage or growth. At the same time, it does not lose its elasticity, becomes more durable and resilient. The vulcanization process is one of the most important factors for the production of quality rubber products.

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Latex safety gloves can be used in any area where you want to work comfortably and ensure your safety. It is completely suitable for daily use because it is elastic, durable, and comfortable. In particular, the following areas are considered one of the most suitable options:
Automotive,chemical industry,carwash,mechanical repair
gardening, etc.

Areas of use


The difference with ordinary gloves

The first noticeable difference is the non-stick surface. Now when you use the gloves, you will not have to separate them from each other and blow to inside. As it is long and elastic, it fits perfectly in the hand, it is very comfortable to take off, wear and reuse. And the choice of color promises you a stylish look.