Latex gloves

We need to protect our hands both in our daily work and in our work. It is also important not to lose comfort. This is very easy with latex gloves.

Move comfortably


The advantage of latex gloves over other gloves is the ability to move comfortably. One-size-fits-all latex gloves wrap your hands in any size, allowing you to move your fingers and palms comfortably. With no gaps or slips, you can easily move your hand and be able to do the most delicate work. When you use your fingers more actively, latex gloves are more suitable.

Powdered or powder-free?

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The difference is our wide range. Latex gloves might be designed for single-use, but you still can have a choice. The latex gloves we offer come in different sizes and colors. You can easily choose the style that suits you. The height allows you to protect your wrists as well as your hands.

Our difference


Powdered or instructions of use?

Latex gloves are much easier to use than other material gloves. You can soak, pull, fold - it will not damage the integrity. Just be careful not to puncture and keep away from acids.
Caution: sometimes yellow spots appear on latex gloves. This is because the glove reacts with metals that remain on the surface of your skin. Even then, gloves are still hygienic, antibacterial, and fully usable.

Both types of latex gloves have the same function and suitability. But there is a small difference. Powder-free latex gloves are mainly used for work where reusability is impossible and the gloves must fit perfectly. In this case, you can sacrifice an easy removal option.
Powdered latex gloves are reusable, easy to remove, and to be re-worn if it`s required. The special powder inside of the glove prevents it from sticking itself


Areas of use

Latex gloves are most commonly used in medicine and food. Lightweight, affordable, and disposable latex gloves are ideal for these areas. It is also widely used in the following areas:

Beauty products,painting,carpentry,flower gardening

jewellery making many areas where disposable gloves are preferred.