Knitted gloves

Knitted gloves are one of the main items of any wardrobe, as well as work clothes. Suitable for various tasks and weather conditions. Specially designed for daily and long time use.


Comfort is the first condition

In many jobs treat to our safety is very low, however, because working hours are very long, our hands get tired quickly, wear out and feel uncomfortable. Knitted gloves come in handy in this case. Knitted from a comfortable material, one-piece and soft knitting gloves are ideal for hours of work. Protects skin of hands from dryness, abrasion, friction & cold. It is also very comfortable. You can use it both at work and in your daily life.

Technology friendly

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For the whole family

Knitted gloves are a must for every member of the family. A hard-working family member can only use it for work, others for protection in cold weather, and younger members for both fashion and to easily use a touchscreen. Its special knitting style and 23 cm lengths make it suitable for most hand sizes. You can easily get a pair for each member of your family.

You can only use your work tools with gloves at work. It is difficult to use electronic devices with gloves, especially touch screens. However, the knitted glove we offer has a special tip on the thumb, middle, and index finger. You can touch any display with this tip. Even the most insensitive screens will recognize these touches. These tips do not create additional protrusions, they are part of the knitted glove.

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Points to pay attention to

Knitted gloves are suitable for:

General works. Yard work and gardening. Cleaning. Electronics and light industry. Construction.

Not suitable for: Work with liquids or oils. Tasks with cutting danger. Work with heat or fire, etc.