Knee pads and mats

A knee pad is the most important tool to protect your knee from injuries. A foam padding cushion provides additional protection. The hard shell protects against sharp objects and cuts or scrapes on any terrain. Its thick foam center cushions the knees, providing all-day comfort. Additionally, the silicone gel cushion absorbs shocks and offers more protection to keep your knees comfy.


This is one of the most functional PPE products you will have. Durable EVA foam padding knee pads, mainly suitable for construction use, are also widespread. Its elastic straps keep the knee pad in place, while not being overly restrictive.

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High quality standard mats provide a non-slip surface. The weather resistant material, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, is fitting for any work area where oil and grease resistance are paramount. Its ergonomic design provides complete protection and comfort with excellent anti-slip grip.


Construction workers, couriers, and firefighters need different types of knee pads. They are designed to safeguard against impact and provide cushioning when kneeling. A good knee pad should stay firmly in position to ensure effective knee protection.