Kitchen glove set

It is one of the most important elements in your kitchen. A set of kitchen gloves is also an important safety factor, especially for those who often cook in the oven or with the casserole. The set includes both a comfortable mitt and a potholder that you can use at any time.


The perfect couple

Kitchen mitts and potholders are best for use together. Although sometimes they are used separately, there are many times when they are used together. If you have an iron pan with a handle for the oven, it is better to use this set when putting out it from the oven. 


You can hold the handle with the potholder, and with the kitchen mitt, you can comfortably hold it in your hand. Also, in pots and other narrow-necked containers, it is very convenient to hold the neck with gloves and support the bottom with a potholder.

Convenience and protection

The kitchen glove set is made of cotton and covered with polyester. These materials burn on fire, but they are very resistant to heat when specially treated. It can easily protect you up to 392F / 200 ° C. This is higher than the temperature of the dishes coming out of an ordinary kitchen stove.
The cotton lining is breathable, soft, and comfortable. It retains the same comfort and protection from first use to years of use.

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Mitts and potholders are made of a mixture of cotton and polyester. They are easily washed in the washing machine and do not lose their shape and quality. After washing, you can hang it with its hook or dry it in a dryer.
The sizes are fit most.
Glove size: 27 * 17 cm
Potholder: 17 * 17 cm


Our difference

Delicacy and elegance are our main differences. Our set of kitchen gloves can attract your attention with its durability. However, with its choice of colours and elegant patterns, it will be perfect for your kitchen. Unlike classic sets, this set will not only protect but also give your kitchen a stylish look.