In a compact, lightweight design, such a high-performance, a rechargeable flashlight is a versatile everyday means of transportation. 


It depends on the desire to increase or decrease the light.Flashlights, which play an important role in extremely important and fundamental issues such as first aid, search, and rescue, should be at least in everyone's home or bag at this point.


The lamp inside the flashlight converts the electricity it receives from the battery into light energy, and thus the light comes from the lamp. In particular, rechargeable flashlights are used for all purposes, as they are products that you can burn gradually.


There are many types of flashlights that can be distinguished by their ease of use. 230 ° wide beam lighting illuminates your large area both indoors and outdoors. Headlights are equipped with an adjustable and stretch headband to suit any head size.

A standard flashlight consists of the following

A small lamp.
A concave reflector placed to cover the lamp.
Batteries for electricity
In front of the lamp, there is a transparent glass or mica that protects it from external influences.
Electric switch for on and off operations.

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The light beam of the flashlight can be directed or expanded for various purposes.

Water-resistant against splashes and impact-resistant against 1-meter drops
Straight belt clip for easy transportation
CE certified
High quality and large capacity battery


Headlamps can be used for numerous reasons and have many useful applications. They can easily light up an entire tent, road or a even a mountain.  While using this item, heavy rain will be no longer a problem. Polyethylene coating provides reliable protection against drops and scratches in all directions. Easily fits in your pocket too.