Nitrile Glove

Latex is a mixture of proteins and compounds found naturally in some plants and trees. Latex exists in liquid form, but is now a rubber material with very different uses in different fields around the world. Latex is used to make many items such as gloves, medical equipment, balloons, shoes and rubber toys. Latex gloves are divided into 2 types: powdered and powder free.

Corn starch is existed in powdered latex gloves. Thus, the powder serves many purposes, such as reducing the balance of sweat and moisture inside the gloves. Helps keep hands dry and comfortable at all times, prevents latex from sticking to hands, making it ideal for users to easily remove their gloves and replace them with a new pair. Some people who use powdered latex gloves may experience some kind of allergy (powder allergy) or discomfort to their hands due to the powder.

Lycopodium powder from corn starch prevents skin irritation, but the powder in the glove cannot be easily used in all areas. Thus, powder-free gloves are preferred during operations and other sensitive procedures. The advantage of powder-free gloves over others is that they do not leave powder residue in the food service, depending on the hands, equipment or various surfaces. In addition, the new type of powder-free gloves can replace powdered gloves because they are as easy to wear as powder options.

Physical Dimensions


Functional benefits:

• Protection from unwanted or dangerous substances
• Beaded cuff makes donning easy and helps prevent roll back
• Softness provides superior comfort and natural fit
• Latex material provides elastic soft, fit and feel • Ambidextrous and straight fingers

Quality Standards

• Conforms to ASTM D3578 and EN455 Standards
• Manufactured under QSR (GMP), ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016
Quality Management System
• Using USP grade absorbable cornstarch for powdered glove

Glove Sizes

  • Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large (XS, S, M, L, XL)
  • Size of gloves shall be marked in the check box on the shipping carton with black ink

Product Specifications

Type : Powdered & Powder-Free, Non-sterile
Material : Natural High Grade Rubber Latex
Color : Natural, Blue, Green, Pink, Dark Blue, Black
Flavor : Mint, Vanilla

Design & Features : Powdered:
Ambidextrous, smooth or palm textured surface, beaded cuff,
USP grade absorbable cornstarch

Dimensions ASTM D3578 EN 455
Length (mm)

Min 220 (XS, S)

Min 230 (M, L)

Min 240
Palm Width (mm)
• XS
• S
• M
• L
• XL

111 ± 10


≤ 80
110 ± 10
≥ 110

Thickness :
Single Wall (mm)• Finger
• Palm


Min 0.08
Min 0.08