CPE gloves

CPE gloves are often preferred by those who want to protect nature and budget at the same time. These gloves, which are as protective as other gloves, are very light and easy to use. Easily used in many areas.

Lightness and comfort


With CPE gloves hands will be extremely comfortable and free. With these gloves, which are 20 to 40 microns thick, you will never feel  heaviness, and sometimes you can even forget that you are wearing gloves. In addition to thinness, CPE gloves are powder-free and do not stick to each other or the hand. It is very easy to put on and take off. Very suitable for areas where gloves are required regularly.



Because the material of CPE gloves is very thin, it is possible to produce more CPE gloves with the same amount of raw material. This also makes CPE gloves more affordable. You can both save money by purchasing large quantities, meantime transport and placement will be much easier due to the lightness of the same product.

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Many rubber-based gloves are difficult to reproduce and disappear very late in nature. However, with their natural material and thin texture, CPE gloves are recyclable and disappear in nature in a very short time. Nevertheless, it is quite sufficient. Waterproof, elastic, and durable.

We need to protect nature


Areas of use

CPE gloves are mainly used in areas where gloves need to be changed frequently. These include:Beauty salons,food preparation,medical examinations and services,pharmacy,household,repair, etc.