Cleaning cloths

Cleaning cloths are one of our most popular products because of their soft, absorbent texture, which makes it extremely easy to clean surfaces. Compared with regular wipes, microfiber cleaning cloths have excellent water absorption, so it dries faster no matter how wet it is and absorbs water quickly, providing maximum efficiency and freshness.


The structure of the cleaning cloths. 

These microfiber cloths are durable and can be washed loads of times, featuring high-quality seams with reinforced edges. Choosing the right type of fabric for each task can also limit the possible damage to the item you are cleaning. Paper towels can scratch the lines and leave behind hairs that can damage electronic devices.


Types of the cleaning cloths.

Cleaning cloths vary depending on the characteristics of the surface and the area to be cleaned. In this case, the type of soap and detergent to be used is of great importance. Choosing the right cloth is also vital in terms of quality and hygiene. Improper use of cleaning cloths may damage the area you are cleaning.


Wet wipes can actually meet the different cleaning needs of children. It exerts various antibacterial effects against bacteria on the hands. It is appreciated by people of all ages for its quick, comfortable and hygienic properties. These products save time, ensure a high level of hygiene and make our lives easier.

Wet wipes

Wet wipes are products that can be applied in a variety of situations in life. It is widely used due to its ease of carrying. The smell and the sense of cleanliness it gives is very strong and comes in different fragrance options. They may be used for cleaning up any spills that may occur around the house or removing dirt from the surface.