Beekeeping gloves

Beekeeping is as interesting as it is dangerous. Bee stings can cause many problems if the right tools and protective clothing are not used. In this case, specially made beekeeping gloves help you.

The difference between beekeeping gloves and other gloves

The biggest difference between beekeeping gloves and other gloves is the sting
resistance. Regardless of the material, in other types of gloves, the bee's needle can penetrate the glove and reach the skin, or leave its venom, which can subsequently damage the skin. On the other hand, beekeeping gloves are mainly made of cow, sheep, lamb, and goat skin -the thickness of the glove is thick enough to protect it from bee stings and thin enough not to be obstacle to work comfortably

Why us?


We give you all kinds of skin options. By talking with our special consultant, you can choose the product that best suits the scale of your beekeeping and your personal preferences. As the length of our gloves is 46 cm, you will easily protect your arms. The specially woven sleeve prevents bees from entering, as well as prevents the gloves from slipping. Also, the variety of measurement options allows you to choose the most suitable product and work more comfortably.

Which skin to choose?


Cow skin - stands out among other beekeeping gloves for its durability. Specially designed for long-term use. Due to the low air permeability, it is more suitable for use in cold seasons. It is a bit heavy in parallel with its durability.

Sheep skin - the advantage is elasticity. If you want gloves to fit comfortably on your hands and adapt to even the most delicate movements, sheep skin is for you.In terms of durability, it lags behind other skin types.

Lamb skin - differs from others by its softness. It is lighter and more comfortable than other skin types, and other features are pretty standard. It may not be suitable for cold weather due to high air permeability.

Goat skin - beekeeping gloves are especially recommended for beginners. This type of glove, which meets all standards in terms of comfort, elasticity, weight, and other features, is a useful experience to understand what is comfortable for you.

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There are some quality characteristics and ways to protect beekeeping gloves for long-term use. Here are some signs:

Well-treated skin
Special sleeves
Variety of sizes


Quality and protection


The following is recommended to maintain the quality of the product for a long time

Clean after every use
Keep dry, cool, and out of direct sunlight
Be careful when using tools to avoid injuries and cuts